Governance > Planning > Progress

Governance > Planning > Progress

Kate Kalstein Consulting engages with non-profit organizations to bring focus on progress.  Kate brings her extensive non-profit and legal experience to strengthen her client’s ability to achieve their organizational mission through a range of services to strengthen capacity, increase effectiveness and enhance efficiencies.

Kate Kalstein Consulting provides comprehensive consulting and training services to support nonprofit governance and planning as well as individualized support to address a range of opportunities for organizational growth. Kate is available to provide meeting facilitation and training for nonprofit organizations and interested groups. Kate works with nonprofit staff, boards, and committed volunteers to enhance organizations.

Consulting services include strategic planning; projects to enhance board governance; leadership coaching; succession planning; as well as comprehensive research and policy development. Each project includes practical, concise reference tools customized for your organization to ensure you can continue to focus on progress.

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Kate was a great help to me personally as board chair and to the entire Rose Andom Center group. She sorted through confusion, kept us focused, provided guidance and reality check to our Young Professionals’ Council, helped us create a communications plan, led board development, met in person when coaching was needed – the list goes on and on. She provided a voice of experience and wisdom – we were blessed the day she decided to support our work.