Learning and Service

I’m delighted to share I have an exciting opportunity for learning and service ahead. I’ve been selected to the Colorado Governor’s Fellowship Program. I’m beyond excited for this chance to learn and grow alongside others from across Colorado who seek to demonstrate values based leadership and contribute to making the community better through public, private […]

How to Invite with Intention

Happy Fall!! As the leaves turn and sweaters come out, many nonprofits get ready for board elections and new terms. Has your organization considered how to invite with intention? If not I encourage you to set aside time at your next meeting to consider the key priorities facing your organization, how your board can support […]


Priority Resources for Impact

As we turn the calendar and settle into a new year, most organizations should revisit how to identify priority resources for impact. Economic realities are complicated. In person meetings and family gatherings bring risk analysis. Loss and challenge have become too common. (I must admit 2021 challenged me too. I accepted that I didn’t post […]

Find Focus

I encourage you to find focus with a strategic meeting agenda. (This is a great opportunity as we consider what meetings and events will be like in a non-quarantined world.) All too often meetings include too many issues or discussion topics. Strategic meetings feel valuable. They encourage all voices to be heard. Strategic meetings can […]