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How to Invite with Intention

Happy Fall!! As the leaves turn and sweaters come out, many nonprofits get ready for board elections and new terms. Has your organization considered how to invite with intention? If not I encourage you to set aside time at your next meeting to consider the key priorities facing your organization, how your board can support […]


Priority Resources for Impact

As we turn the calendar and settle into a new year, most organizations should revisit how to identify priority resources for impact. Economic realities are complicated. In person meetings and family gatherings bring risk analysis. Loss and challenge have become too common. (I must admit 2021 challenged me too. I accepted that I didn’t post […]

Find Focus

I encourage you to find focus with a strategic meeting agenda. (This is a great opportunity as we consider what meetings and events will be like in a non-quarantined world.) All too often meetings include too many issues or discussion topics. Strategic meetings feel valuable. They encourage all voices to be heard. Strategic meetings can […]

Embedding Strategy to Realize Your Vision

Embedding strategy to realize your VISION can get the strategic plan off the shelf and into practice. (Sorry to miss February! But I am happy to report my personal COVID-19 experience was mild, and I’m back with a new tool to share! Hopefully you mapped your calendar with intention in January. Or you can find […]

Planning to Start the New Year

In 2021, each month I will share a new offering or free resource based on a different theme. I look forward to bringing you tools that can support planning, successful transitions, and board recruitment just to name a few. I hope this information can help guide conversations for calendar mapping with INTENTION to bring focus on progress.

Support for Early Childhood Well-being

Back to School, change of seasons and continued COVID disruption oh my! They all present quite an opportunity to prioritize what matters most. Most importantly, I am grateful for the last two years and proud of my small role in this amazing project, LAUNCH Together Southwest Denver. It has been an amazing opportunity to provide […]

Self-Care & Strategic Thinking

Hope this finds you safe and healthy as we all navigate this separate shared experience. First off – please stop reading now and reach out if you need support or just to hear a friendly voice. Please email me or click below to schedule time to chat by phone.  These last 47 days (not that I am counting) […]

New Insights on Capacity Building

As a leader you likely see more opportunities than you can explore on a daily basis. Here are five practical ways to find extra hours in your day to add capacity to be more efficient and more effective: Strategic Board Recruiting Meaningful Meetings Calendar Mapping Programs, Communications, Events and More Reflect Embedded Strategy Culture of […]

Summer (Nonprofit) Self-Care

As the days grow warmer and longer, we often enjoy a bit of summer self-care. And while things may slow down for your nonprofit board without the pressure of major events, critical decisions or key program activities, I notice that rarely do we schedule intentional self-care for the nonprofit organizations we care about in quite […]

Strategic Priorities Guide Strategic Recruiting

Strategic board recruiting is more than inviting folks to join the board. Impactful board development is possible when you align your board recruiting plan to your strategic priorities. Building a well functioning board is a key board responsibility, but often a challenge. Alignment of recruiting strategic with strategic priorities can help! But this requires that […]

The Nonprofit Governance Guidebook is Here!!

Organizations want to support board development but aren’t sure where to begin. I often have conversations where groups need support to bridge the gap between nonprofit best practice and daily reality. Too often time, budget or another constraints limit our ability to partner to address the need. So I’ve been working over the last few […]

New Year Strategic Priority Check Up

Welcome to 2018!! As I spend my first day of 2018 setting my own strategic intentions for the year ahead, I wanted to pause to offer a strategy check up and offer thoughts on making the most of the new year. Strategic Priority Check Up Does your organization have a current set of strategic priorities […]

Connecting Intention and Action

Over the last few weeks it has been inspiring to see all the action taken around the globe in response to community need. Clear intention in action. In crisis clear needs triggers specific action. It might be the need for food and water. Simple connected action – provide food and water. It might be unsafe […]

Time to Reflect and Take Action

With fall drawing near and daily news of crisis and need across the globe, it is a perfect time for both reflection and action. When was the last time your board reflected on the priorities and impact of your work? Self-evaluation and board reflection are important practices to strengthen your board’s ability to support the […]

Strategic Board Governance

Please plan to join Kate on Wednesday May 17th at 9:30-11am (Mountain) via webinar Kate will share “Strategic Board Governance: How to Align Board Development to Your Strategic Priorities” during an engaging 90 minute webinar in partnership with the Colorado Nonprofit Association. The event is FREE for CNA members!  The conversation will explore strengthening your board […]

Learn, Leverage, Lead

Sit back and think about your last board meeting. Maybe you can remember the agenda items, perhaps you explored a significant issue facing your organization, and possibly you discussed a pressing question for your nonprofit. Was the meeting engaging for those in the room? Was it well attended? Did each board member feel prepared for […]

Certainty in Uncertain Times

In times of chaos and uncertainty, we often strive to find control in the quest for certainty. As nonprofit organizations, many factors remain just out of control at most times like public policy and the economy. As leaders, where can you find certainty. I encourage you to start the year with certainty and clarity around […]

Food for Thought

December is a time to celebrate and reflect. This great article from Nonprofit Quarterly poses important questions for all nonprofit boards to consider.

Bringing Your Strategic Plan to Life

A summary of my talk at the Colorado Nonprofit Association fall conference.