Kate Kalstein Consulting supports nonprofit organizations through a variety of planning services. Each project is an opportunity to assess and strengthen organizational capacity.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning guides an organization toward greater stability and success by aligning organizational resources toward focused priorities. Our customized exploration of mission, goals, and opportunities depends on input from internal and external perspectives. Short-term, long-range, project based and comprehensive planning services are available.

Transition & Continuity Planning

Transition and continuity planning ensures that changes in leadership do not negatively impact the organizations focus on progress. Succession planning is both a practical outline to support transitions in leadership but also the critical underlying components of a strong and stable organization. A succession plan should include the Executive Director job description, annual performance expectations from the board of directors, hiring process, and emergency measures for unexpected transitions. But a truly comprehensive and meaningful succession plan also includes appropriate governance structure and policy, well-defined organizational priorities and an established monitoring process to determine progress toward organizational goals.

Retreat Facilitation

Retreat facilitation provides the opportunity for all leadership stakeholders to actively engage in the discussion at hand. Our experience and services enable organizations to achieve a full-days worth of work in half the time. Thoughtful planning and carefully crafted agenda ensure maximum engagement and effectiveness in your meeting or retreat. Energetic, positive and productive facilitation techniques allow your group to remain engaged completely to achieve your strategic goals.

Calendar Planning

Calendar planning is a unique offering from Kate Kalstein Consulting designed to align all elements of your organization toward your strategic priorities while best leveraging your organizational resources. Our calendar planning services consider each component (operations, programs, partnerships, events, constituents, board and staff) in order to streamline process to best achieve your mission and goals. Once equipped with a truly comprehensive and strategic calendar for your organization achieving your goals becomes reality.