Planning to Start the New Year

In 2021, each month I will share a new offering or free resource based on a different theme. I look forward to bringing you tools that can support planning, successful transitions, and board recruitment just to name a few. I hope this information can help guide conversations for calendar mapping with INTENTION to bring focus on progress.

As we turn the calendar to a new year (and hope for at least a bit of leaving behind and starting anew), I wanted to share a guide with you for a recommended annual exercise to map the meetings calendar for your nonprofit board. You will find details on the key conversations to have annually as well as an easy to use checklist.

This exercise is great for large organizations, small organizations, recently founded groups, as well as longstanding ones. It speaks to new board members (and can support high quality board member orientation). It also allows long time board members to re-engage with new projects.

I encourage you to review the Calendar Mapping Guide with your board. Then use the Board Checklist to identify which month you will confirm each key item. If you need more support or training to dive deeper into these conversations, I am happy explore the best next step. You can learn more about my planning work here. Please just drop a note or schedule a free 15 minute phone chat here.

Here’s to a year guided by calendar mapping with INTENTION and focus on progress.

Best, Kate

Photo by Eric Rothermel on Unsplash