Summer (Nonprofit) Self-Care

As the days grow warmer and longer, we often enjoy a bit of summer self-care. And while things may slow down for your nonprofit board without the pressure of major events, critical decisions or key program activities, I notice that rarely do we schedule intentional self-care for the nonprofit organizations we care about in quite the same way. So I encourage you to consider ways you might support, refine and nourish your board in these summer months. Take a look at your next meeting agenda for the full board, a board work group, or committee. Perhaps you could strengthen a skill to support a key priority, take time to cultivate relationships (both internal and external), or focus on a project on the priority list. You might consider inviting a guest/outside expert to join your conversation, gather articles or research to support the conversation, or draw from resources within the organization.

Consider your opportunities for growth, the role of your board and your partnership with staff leadership. Reflection will likely guide a list of possible board self-care options. Not sure where to start or the right self-care for your board. I’d love to chat to help support your work, find creative ways to bring greater impact to your work, and explore opportunities to achieve your strategic priorities. Please get in touch.

And if you are still unconvinced on the importance of self-care, here’s a favorite TedTalk to explore.